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CoinEx Celebrated 2nd Brand Day With 50% Off ETH Purchase Offer and “CoinEx Dibs” Launch

2024-02-26 06:00:00

On February 24, CoinEx, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, held its second monthly Brand Day highlighted by a 50% ETH discount for VIP 1 and above users to celebrate the newly released CoinEx Dibs feature. This latest Brand Day strengthened user engagement and showcased CoinEx's continual evolution.

About CoinEx Brand Day: Spending Every 24th With CoinEx

The 24th holds special significance for CoinEx – it marks the day when CoinEx came into existence on December 24, 2017. This year, we're stepping into our 7th year of empowering users worldwide. Starting in 2024, we've decided to dub each month's 24th our "CoinEx Brand Day." As time unfolds, we hope to spend this day with you, celebrating the special connection it has brought us.

Ever since the CoinEx Brand Day was launched, global users have shown support and appreciation for the event via the hashtag #24thWithCoinEx . Some users expressed that the CoinEx brand day is a feast of communication between CoinEx and its users regarding the topics of encrypted finance and brand philosophy. Through the CoinEx brand day event, users can gain a clearer understanding of CoinEx's development history, as well as the brand value and platform philosophy that CoinEx aims to convey to the world.

2nd Brand Day Campaign

For the February 24 edition of Brand Day, CoinEx offered VIP 1 and above users a 50% discount for subscriptions of up to 5 ETH through the newly introduced CoinEx Dibs feature. With the Ethereum Dencun upgrade on the horizon, the ETH promotion enabled users to acquire ETH at half price in anticipation of network improvements.

CoinEx Dibs allows eligible users to subscribe to a fixed quantity of cryptos at a discounted price, after successful participation in the lucky draw. Its launch expands CoinEx's capabilities in catering to diverse user needs. Introducing innovative offerings like CoinEx Dibs demonstrates CoinEx's commitment to optimizing the trading experience for everyone.

Coinex’s Core Brand Value - “Professionalism” & "Users First"

Since its inception in 2017, CoinEx has stayed true to its "users first" philosophy and upholded “professionalism” while expanding its extensive ecosystem. CoinEx now supports 800+ cryptocurrencies and 1,300+ trading markets to meet evolving user demand. The exchange also consistently lists quality, innovative projects to provide users with diverse investment opportunities.

Moving forward, CoinEx will continue improving its comprehensive trading platform and introducing new products and services for its valued global community. CoinEx looks forward to elevating each Brand Day into a special occasion for collective celebration on how far CoinEx has come and where it is headed next in the crypto space.

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