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CoinEx's 3rd Brand Day Event Strikes: Bitcoin Halves Early, and Buy BTC with 50% Off!

2024-03-22 01:55:41

As the Bitcoin halving event approaches, the entire crypto market's enthusiasm has once again heated up. In the history of crypto, the price of BTC has seen significant increases after each halving event, making the halving widely regarded as a catalyst for BTC price rises. With the recent surge in Bitcoin prices hitting new highs, purchasing Bitcoin has become a crucial investment choice for many crypto enthusiasts.

To allow users to buy and invest in BTC at a lower cost and in a more convenient manner, the global crypto exchange platform CoinEx announced that on March 24th, its Brand Day, it will initiate the "Buy BTC with 50% off!" event. Eligible CoinEx users can enjoy a 50% discount on BTC prices during the event, truly experiencing "BTC Halving Early"!

Starting from January 2024, CoinEx Brand Days have brought more platform benefits to global users through activities such as free airdrops and discounted subscriptions via Dibs, building the CoinEx brand together with users. By participating in CoinEx Brand Day events, over 5 million users from more than 200 countries and regions have gained a deeper understanding of CoinEx's diverse products and services, continuously enhancing their recognition of CoinEx's brand value.

CoinEx Brand Day marks a new beginning in CoinEx's brand building. Amidst the ever-changing crypto market, CoinEx consistently adheres to the "user-first" principle, striving to provide users with high-quality crypto trading services. The CoinEx Brand Day events, deepen users' understanding and trust in the CoinEx brand, thereby establishing a closer relationship with users and continuously enhancing brand influence.

The Brand Day event will take place on the CoinEx Dibs page, where users can participate after the event starts. Stay tuned to the CoinEx activity page for more details and specific rules. In the meantime, CoinEx Brand Days will feature a range of community events, with all the details available on official social media channels.

(Event link:

CoinEx Brand Day events are not only a platform for providing benefits and discounts to users, but also they represent CoinEx's commitment to enhancing brand value, caring for user experience, and a firm confidence in the platform's future development. Through the monthly Brand Day events, CoinEx hopes to grow with global users and jointly witness every step of CoinEx's innovation and development.

In the future, CoinEx will continue to adhere to the "user-first" brand philosophy, striving to enhance brand value through technological innovation, product and service optimization, community building, and partnerships. As CoinEx's brand influence continues to grow, more crypto enthusiasts from countries and regions worldwide will join hands with CoinEx to embark on new chapters and explore more possibilities in investing.

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