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A Brief Introduction to the IQ50 Meme Coin and Its Popularity

2024-03-21 06:08:54
IQ50 meme coin

The new meme coin IQ50 has gained significant popularity among crypto enthusiasts. It came into the spotlight when people started receiving IQ50 airdrops in their crypto wallets unexpectedly.

Let’s delve into this rising meme coin's background and its potential performance in the future.

What is IQ50 Cryptocurrency?

IQ50 is a meme coin that humorously suggests individuals with an IQ of fifty are more likely to achieve financial success, while those who overthink their situations may not. In other words, people who don't exert much effort in thinking can sometimes earn a substantial amount of money, whereas those who diligently study may end up with nothing.

Moreover, there is no formal team behind its creation, and no venture capitalists or initiatives support it. One could say it is entirely useless with zero real-world applications. The simplicity it offers and the joy it brings to its holders are the key factors driving its recent popularity.

Name / Symbol: IQ50

Total Supply: 505,050,505,050

Chain: Solana


The IQ50 token is built according to the SPL-20 standard, ensuring its compatibility within the Solana ecosystem. To emphasize the community-oriented approach of the project, a significant portion of the tokens was distributed through an airdrop. The project's focus on simplicity and accessibility is evident in the straightforwardness of the tokenomics.

The fact that IQ50 operates on the Solana chain, along with its connection to the Solana meme coin trend, enhances its visibility in the cryptocurrency world. With a market capitalization exceeding 37 million USDT, IQ50 has successfully established a distinct image within the competitive landscape of meme coins, piquing the interest of investors and crypto enthusiasts.

The IQ50 meme coin gained attention on the 5th of March when the team posted on Twitter for the first time since September 2023. Prior to this, the account served as a meme page creating memes related to the famous Wojak meme, with no prior mention of crypto.

Price History on CoinEx

IQ50 coin has experienced a 26.47% increase in the last 7 days since its initial listing on CoinEx. The latest 24-hour turnover on CoinEx is approximately 1.15 million USDT.

IQ50 on CoinEx

Being highly volatile, like any other meme coin, it remains speculative to predict the future price of IQ50. Community interaction levels, social media trends, and market sentiment can significantly impact its value.

Prospective investors should approach IQ50 with the understanding that its market performance is entirely unpredictable.

Reason Behind IQ50’s Popularity

IQ50 gained popularity when individuals suddenly began receiving IQ50 airdrops in their wallets unexpectedly. The team claims to have sent an airdrop to nearly 150k addresses on March 15th.

Subsequently, an increasing number of people shared posts about the IQ50 meme coin on various forums, particularly the Solana subreddit on Reddit. However, as reported by most users who receive the airdrop, the tokens were locked and could not be exchanged for another coin. Conversely, some individuals were able to swap it with RAD tokens on different exchanges. 

What’s Ahead for IQ50?

The increasing popularity of IQ50 underscores the significance of online communities. While some may dismiss IQ50 as frivolous or pointless, its success reflects a broader trend. IQ50 symbolizes the potential of online communities to reshape traditional paradigms. In a digital era where memes can impact markets and social media trends, IQ50 serves as proof of the capabilities inherent in online communities.

Understanding IQ50's history, tokenomics, and future prospects is crucial for those intrigued by its distinctive investment approach or seeking to add a whimsical asset to their portfolio.

How to Get IQ50 On CoinEx?

If you wish to acquire this hyped token, follow the steps below:

*This article does not constitute investment advice.

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