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A Brief History and Background of Smolecoin (SMOLE)

2024-03-25 06:54:36

Smolecoin (SMOLE) is a fresh and exciting meme coin founded on the Solana blockchain system. This coin immediately distinguishes itself from the rest as a fun coin, leveraging the popularity of meme coins and the current price explosion of the SOL coin. 

Smolecoin (SMOLE)

A Brief History and Background

SMOLE was launched in March 2024, garnering a whopping 169 982 SOL on its presale, the largest amount ever seen on a meme coin on Solana. The crypto was created by the artist Dekandente, founder of Dystolabs game studio.  

So far, the only information available about SMOLE aside from the founder is their slogan, 'a smol mole and the smollest smolecoin in the smolana smolnet.' This coin is still in its early stages.

But a lot can be said from its successful presale. In fact, it's currently the most-voted project worldwide to get listed on the famous exchanges. SMOLE has a community of dedicated followers who will most likely HODL their coins, which could potentially drive this coin's price through the roof. 

Aside from that, Dekandente is a well-known talented artist, credited for having the largest presale in meme coin history on Solana. Dekandente is already working on expanding the team behind this coin, hopefully, to keep up the hype around it and also help drive the coin bullish. If you want to trade SMOLE, it’s now available on CoinEx. 

The Price Rise of SMOLE on CoinEx

Price Rise of SMOLE on CoinEx

Just after the launch, SMOLE witnessed a pretty significant drop, starting at $0.003499 and dropping all the way to $0.0001999. Since then, this meme coin has been on a descent and is somewhat stabilizing. 

However, SMOLE has seen a surge of 14.4% in the past 24 hours, thanks to the increased popularity of Solana's meme coins. Currently, the market capitalization of Solana meme coins stands at 2.1%, reaching a staggering 6 billion USD mark. 

Additionally, SMOLE is categorized as 'Good' on Rugcheck. That means the probability of this being a rug pool meme coin is relatively low. More importantly, the majority of the community sentiment towards SMOLE is bullish. 

*This article does not constitute investment advice.

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