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Buy Bitcoin with 55% Off! CoinEx March Brand Day Event Concludes, Continuously Enhancing User Brand Value Recognition

2024-03-27 03:52:10

The global cryptocurrency exchange platform CoinEx recently announced the official conclusion of its March Brand Day event - "Bitcoin Halves Early, Buy BTC with 50% off". According to official data, over 4,000 eligible platform users participated in the Brand Day Dibs event, and a total of 2,000 users won the dibs. By the end of the event on March 26, 2024, users were able to buy BTC on CoinEx at a discounted price of 32140.745 USDT, while the market price of BTC at that time was 70539.34 USDT. This resulted in an actual discount of over 55% for users participating in CoinEx's "BTC Halving Ahead of Schedule" event!

This illustrates that CoinEx users enjoyed unprecedented benefits during the Brand Day event, such as buying BTC with over 50% discount, and truly experiencing the platform's "BTC Halving Early" celebration. CoinEx's March Brand Day was significantly successful, thanks to unique on-site benefits, engaging off-site community activities, and immersive user interaction. The event not only helped users invest in BTC at a low cost during a bull market but also deepened their understanding of CoinEx's diversified products and services, further enhancing the brand's identity in the minds of users.

Low-Cost BTC Investment, Seizing Bull Market Opportunities

As the BTC halving date approaches and the crypto market undergoes cyclical fluctuations, seizing investment opportunities from the bull market is crucial for investors. Low-cost investment means utilizing less capital for effective investment; during a bull market, as the prices of crypto assets generally rise, even small investments can yield relatively high returns. Therefore, low-cost investment in crypto assets can help investors expand their portfolios with limited capital, improving capital efficiency.

The highlight of this CoinEx Brand Day was the discount of over 50% on BTC prices, meaning users could enjoy more than half the price off when purchasing BTC during the event, avoiding the possibility of missing the best market entry point due to high investment thresholds. CoinEx's bold and innovative marketing strategy effectively lowered the threshold for investors to enter the market, allowing many users who were previously hesitant to invest in BTC at a low cost, helping them achieve rapid asset appreciation and gain a head start in crypto market investments.

Enhancing Brand Value Recognition, Growing Together with CoinEx

By participating in CoinEx's March Brand Day event, platform users enjoyed tangible benefits from purchasing coins and gained a deeper understanding of the diversified products and services offered by CoinEx. Among these offerings, CoinEx Dibs, an innovative service launched by CoinEx, aims to provide users with exclusive discounts and discover crypto treasures while helping investors have more convenient and diversified investment choices. From spot trading to margin trading, futures to AMM, and financial to loan services, CoinEx is committed to providing users with comprehensive and innovative cryptocurrency trading solutions.

"User first" is CoinEx's brand philosophy and the value orientation for developing products and enhancing services. By continuously innovating and optimizing product services, CoinEx will continue to provide users with more comprehensive, stable, and secure cryptocurrency trading services, further enhancing users' loyalty and identification with the brand. CoinEx also hopes that by continuing to focus on user needs and the benefits that each Brand Day brings, the platform will give more support to the investment journeys of over 5 million users from more than 200 countries and regions worldwide, growing together and sharing the investment dividends of the crypto world.

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