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Hiveswap Cryptocurrency: Everything You Need To Know About HIVP

2024-07-08 10:13:46

Undoubtedly, the crypto world is gaining more traction now than ever, with the growing need for decentralized networks. At the epicenter of this innovative DEX wave, Hiveswap(HIVP) is turning heads as a DEX platform in the Bitcoin ecosystem, utilizing the MAP protocol. 

With that in mind, in this article, we'll take a closer look at what HIVP is all about, paying close attention to its future prospects. 

Hiveswap Background and History

Simply put, Hiveswap is a decentralized network that's pegged on the Bitcoin blockchain. The platform harnesses the MAP protocol to offer liquidity interoperability within the BTC network assets across all BTC's layer 1 and layer 2. That ensures these assets can efficiently be swapped within the BTC network. 

HIVP stands out because it offers interoperability between two crypto giant networks, BTC and EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine.) The EVM chains include BNB chain, Ethereum, and Polygon- basically, every network built on the ERC-20. As such, HIVP allows users to swap assets between BTC and other popular blockchain networks, significantly enhancing liquidity and asset utility. 

Hiveswap Market Potential: What Investors Need to Know

Currently, the market for decentralized exchanges is growing at an incredible rate as users continuously seek secure, transparent, and efficient exchanges. By focusing on the interoperability of several blockchain networks, Hiveswap positions itself as a unique niche with significant growth potential. 

That means, as an investor, HIVP has the potential to reach even greater heights, offering outstanding returns on your investment. However, it's crucial to remember that the crypto world is quite volatile. So, only invest capital that you are willing to lose in case the market movement doesn't favor your position. 

HIVP on CoinEx

The Price Change of HIVP

HIVP token has so far shown significant price fluctuation on CoinEx, reflecting market trends and user interest. In fact, there are tons of positive discussions on various social media platforms showcasing crypto traders' interest in this coin. 

However, at the same time, it's important to remember that the coin's price action has witnessed a significant price drop despite the positive sentiments around it. It could be because the coin is relatively new to the market and may take a bit of time before gaining significant traction. All the same, it would help if you protected your investment by taking the time to conduct further research on the coin before investing. 


Token Allocation

  • Airdrop 20%: these rewards will be given to users who add liquidity before April 2nd 2024. 
  • Treasure (15%): these are development funds 
  • Team (15%): the team behind HIVP will get incentives for their contribution
  • Mining (50%): Staking rewards will be given to users who lock their tokens in the liquidity pool

FAQ Section

Is HIVP Worth Buying?

HIVP shows great promise due to its unique position within the BTC ecosystem. That makes it ripe for investment, but you have to conduct further personal research before putting any capital into this project. 

How does Hiveswap ensure security?

The network uses the MAP protocol to create robust security features. Aside from that, since this network is based on the decentralized protocol, it ensures users retain full control over their personal assets.

*This article does not constitute investment advice.

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