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Payment Partner
The real-time quotation is for reference only. Please refer to the specific service provider for the actual price.
1. Choose the digital currency to purchase, the fiat currency to pay, and pick a service provider
2. Enter the amount to purchase, fill in the information on the third-party service provider website, and complete payment
3. Check your purchased assets in Deposit History on CoinEx and view the order details on the service provider website
1. What fiat currencies does CoinEx support for buying cryptocurrencies?
CoinEx has now supported more than 60 fiat currencies for buying mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.
2. What is the order limit when buying cryptocurrencies on CoinEx?
The lowest and highest order limits may be different according to each third-party platform, please refer to the order limit of your selected payment partner.
3. When will I receive my cryptos after the payment?
The processing time of your transaction may be different according to each third-party platform. Normally you'll receive your cryptos within 30 mins after you completed [ID verification] and [Payment process]. The actual arriving time shall prevail. You can check your deposit record on the Assets - Deposit page.
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